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We at W H Bence Coachworks have been a manufacturer and supplier of complex, bespoke specialist vehicles since the early 1900. Our longevity is a testament to our efficiency, quality, client focus and relationship management. We have been quietly sitting in the background, supporting many companies and organisations for example Amazon, Toshiba,  BBC, NHS, Police, Fire and rescue military and many others, building a variety of  intricate, unique, outside of the box solutions and systems only our clients could dream up, for many years, but we always deliver. We achieve because we employ teams of extremely talented, clever, experienced, dedicated, happy and imaginative people.

Bence deliver what you want.


Now we have decided to move from the back seat to the front and use our array of contacts and skills for the benefit of our clients both internal and external. We have developed customer focussed simplified solutions to complex IT problems. We are close to and highly aware of the environment and job especially our first responder clients do and how many need the immediate high quality support and simplified control the latest innovations can provide to help them work more effectively. So we have decided to put our vast expertise to the test in this and other arenas, invest heavily to provide all our clients with the most resilient, simple to operate systems that meets their ever changing needs. Coupled with industry leading hardware, software and multiple communication systems, we believe we will provide a jointed up approach to first class customer solutions and care.
Our ethos is a company’s image is nothing without the substance to support it.

Our ethos is a company’s image is nothing without the substance to support it.

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