View 360° Fire & Rescue Command vehicle

Bence Command’s SUMS software is a revolutionary development in the management and control of complex on-board vehicle systems.  This enables for the rapid deployment and set-up of command and utility vehicles with a ‘one-button’ startup and shutdown.

With a user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) integrating all major systems into one control dashboard, SUMS allows users to quickly identify and manage every aspect of the vehicle. SUMS has been designed with the end user in mind; making the system as intuitive as possible ensure that with only a basic understanding of IT, users can quickly learn how to use SUMS to its maximum potential.

Bence Command’s SUMS software is fully customised for each client and situation as well as being capable of being retro-fitted to existing vehicles.

Key features of SUMS are:

  • Intuitive use and quick to learn.
  • Single soft button operation.
  • Secure login system with issuable admin rights.
  • Critical equipment management through RFID tag monitoring.
  • Monitor and control on-board satellite systems.
  • Management of vehicle mounted peripherals (printers, etc)
  • Power management system; including CCTV and all on-board lighting.
  • Oversee telephone usage and data logging.
  • Electronic compass and orientation for situation awareness.
  • Operations of hydraulic systems, including deployable legs.
  • Up-to-date meteorological data
  • Display of GPS location.
  • KVM Matrix control.